D.C. #0: Pilot Program

"You're tuned to Dead Channel"

In this 0th episode, Johno and Joey try to do a new thing!

Show Notes

Click 1: Making an Entrance - We talk about our hopes for the podcast and introduce ourselves.

Click 2: Mandatory Draw - We chat about the cards that have us interested from the most recent Mumbad data pack, Salsette Island.

Sports Hopper
Exclusive Party
Salsette Slums
Museum of History
Archives Interface
Mumbad Virtual Tour
Salem's Hospitality
I've Had Worse
Subliminal Messaging
Shipment From SanSan

Click 3: Game Day - We report on the goings-on at our most recent local GNK, the last before the UK's regionals start!

Johno's Geist
Johno's NEH
Joey's Noise
Joey's ETF
Run Last Click
Eclectic Games

Click 4: Calling in Flavours - We attempt - and largely fail - to name cards armed only with their flavour text

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