D.C. #10: The Worlds Is Yours*

*if you're special guest co-host and 2016 World Champion Chris Dyer.

Johno meets up with new world champion Chris Dyer (find him online as Nemamiah) for a chat about Intervention, some lengthy reminiscing about Worlds - in particular the decks that he piloted to success - and a game of Artist Colony.

Click 1: Mandatory Draw - 00:01:34

Intervention has arrived, and now that Worlds is over, we actually read the cards, and discuss a few of our favourites, plus some honourable mentions:

En Passant
Hasty Relocation
Chief Slee
Best Defense

Clicks 2 & 3: Worlds Plaza - 00:21:02

After a thrilling week away at the FFG World Championships with the rest of the British cohort, we chat about Chris' preparation, the decks he settled on and faced and how much fun the trip as a whole was (spoiler: a lot).

Worlds Standings
Chris' CTM
Chris' Whizzard
Ben Ni's Sync
Ben Ni's Maxx
"San Francisco" Whizzard
Dave Rogers' "Killing Kittens" (very similar to Ben's list, but a more detailed write-up)
3rd/4th place CTM
Johno's NEH
Johno's Andromeda
Surly Brewery
Run Last Click
Johno's KOS Hayley (which was actually Dave Saiya's Worlds deck)
Official FFG Twitch channel (and archive)
Dodgepong's Twitch channel (and archive)

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