D.C. #11: Precognition

Special guest co-host and World Champion Chris Dyer (Nemamiah online) returns! He and Johno get excited about Terminal Directive, the "campaign" expansion coming for Android: Netrunner, break down Chris' Worlds-winning CTM list in detail, attempt to build a Slee deck, and finish with a game of Calling In Flavours.

Click 1: News Now Hour - 00:02:42

Terminal Directive has been announced! It will be a campaign-style expansion which contains new cards, and more interestingly, a new way to play Netrunner, and we are fascinated! Johno and Chris speculate on what we will see, and what we hope we'll be getting when we inevitably get it.

FFG's Announcement Article

Click 2: Harmony Decktech - 00:16:12

We have a detailed look at Chris' CTM list that he piloted to World Champion. We very thoroughly look through all of his card choices and some of the alternatives he considered, as long as what changes he might make for the upcoming meta.

Snekbite (The List)
NBN: Controlling The Message
TheBigBoy's CTM list
Commercial Bankers Group
Mumbad Virtual Tour
Hard-Hitting News
Exchange of Information
Pop-up Window
Data Raven
Gejben's Nordics CTM list
Data Ward

Click 3: Brainstorm - 00:42:05

Johno and Chris attempt to build a deck around Chief Slee and attempting to get a Chief Slee kill. Thanks to Lane for playing us!

Chief Slee
Gagarin Deep Space
Tour Guide
Jeeves Model Bioroids
Encryption Protocol
Corporate Troubleshooter
Pop-up Window
The Finished "Greensleeves" list
The Game
Lane's Khan deck
Crisium Grid

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