D.C. #14: Anonymous Tip

We call on our friends from both high and low places in this episode. First, we chat to reigning World Champion Chris "nemamiah" Dyer for a quick forecast of where the meta is right now, and what decks you should expect to face in competition. Then Johno breaks down the "Dyper" archetype with none other than Dyper-In-Chief David "rotage" Saiya. We crack out the thesauruses for a quick game, and then get spoopy with a chat about FFG's newest LCG, Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Click 1: The All-Seeing I - 00:09:16

World Champion Chris Dyer joins us on the phone for an in-depth look at what's rampaging its way across the meta right now.

"Joeybacks" asset spam NEH
"Railgun" shutdown kill combo NEH
"Hasty" CI
Aaron Marron
Sifr/Strike Dumble
Recent Andromeda
Archives Interface

Click 2: Harmony Deck Tech - 00:25:58

In this deck tech, we break down Dyper, with the architect himself, David Saiya.

"Dyper - An Introductory Text" (Dave's Stimhack.com article)
Version 1: Pre-MWL
Version 2: Post-MWL
Version 3: Apoc Version (top 16 at Worlds)

Click 3: Dino-thesaurus - 00:53:25

It's the return of "Sinister Bottom", the game in which we scramble card names by replacing each word with a synonym from the thesaurus, now rebranded... as "Dino-thesaurus"!

Anarch events:
Mad Arranging
Abandoned Murder
Cage Operation
Anxiety the Mob
Building a Door
Deduction Writing
Hunt Ended

Criminal events:
Extraordinary Obtain
Lenient Imprint
Rapid Rendition
Arranged Invasion
Restricted Soiree
Crisis Closed Below
Within Duty

Click 4: Chatterjee University - 1:01:42

In non-Netrunner chat this episode, Johno tries to convince Joey to buy into the latest FFG LCG, Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Arkham Horror: The Card Game, on FFG

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