D.C. #15: Quest Completed

Adventure is on the cards in this episode! We strike out for our first taste of Mars with a Daedalus Complex Mandatory Draw, then we discuss training Johno's young padawans. In click 3, we explore Shaper events through the medium (hey that's a card!) of art alone. Finally, we go totally off-track and talk about the Legend of Zelda - particularly the latest instalment Breath of the Wild - in a Chatterjee University. It's dangerous to go alone! Take this (episode of Dead Channel).

Click 1: Mandatory Draw: Daedalus Complex - 00:07:03

We discuss the first pack in the Red Sand cycle!

Mad Dash
Synth DNA Modification
Jemison Astronautics
Oberth Protocol
Khondi Plaza

Click 2: Levy University - 00:35:27

Johno has started a new job and basically works for Globalsec now. Also, his colleagues are board gamers, AND YET they are not Netrunner players??? This wrong must be righted. In this segment, we discuss how Johno can bring Netrunner as a totally new game to players to introduce them correctly.

The ETF deck
The Kate deck

Click 4: Chatterjee University - 01:07:31

Hey! Listen! We take some time out from boring Netrunner to chat about Breath of the Wild, the latest game in the Legend of Zelda saga, and we both like it a lot! Minor spoilers, mostly restricted to the first 10 hours.

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