D.C. #17: Viper

Johno is joined once again by special guest co-host and world champion Chris "nemamiah" Dyer! They start off by whipping through Station One, the second Red Sand data pack, picking out some of the more interesting cards. Then they chat about the fallout of the new Most Wanted List and the likely direction of the meta in a meta snapshot update. In click 3, they chat about the "Snek draft" that has been running in the UK community and has proven interesting to take part in and spectate. Finally, they finish off with a particularly dumb game.

Click 1: Mandatory Draw: Station One - 00:02:18

We're slightly more on Mars or something! We pick out and discuss some highlights from Station One.

Los: Data Hijacker
Load Testing
MCA Informant

Click 2: The All-Seeing I - 00:28:50

After the meta has been ever-so-slightly entirely changed by the release of a new Most Wanted List, it's only fair to get a meta update, and with Chris in the house, what better time? Chris gives his thoughts on the new MWL, and gives a meta forecast (scattered showers of chaos, followed by a cold, glacier front moving in from purple/red)

Friends in High Places
Caprice Nisei
Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth
Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire
Aaron Marrón
Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord
Political Operative
Sensie Actors Union
Mumbad City Hall

Click 3: Restructure - 00:45:37

Recently, Chris has been involved in a so-called "Snek draft" a special format (run by Ben Ni) that involves the entire card pool being drafted, NFL style, for exclusive use, and the eight players try to build viable decks from only the cards they drafted (and the undrafted). Chris takes us through how he made his decisions in each round, and how building a deck in this format is really interesting and enjoyable.

The Draft Board (google spreadsheet)
The Draft Board (as imgur album)

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