D.C. #19: Precognition

The 2017 World Championships are almost upon us!

Johno and Chris briefly discuss the banned/restricted list after being struck by the podcasters curse, and having major news break immediately after a release.

Then they move on to the difficult task of predicting what we'll see at Worlds! There are multiple categories that require their predictive talents, and they've even drafted in some community members to give their input too: Thanks to Ben "beyoken" Ni, Dave "cerberus" Hoyland, Laurie Poulter, Seamus Macleod, Dave "rotage" Saiya, Alice "shanodin" Rees, Catherine Underwood, Scott "spags" Pagliaroni and Alex "vinegarymink" White!

Stay tuned as the categories get more ridiculous culminating with the Bold Prediction category! If you're interested in making your own predictions to compare after, the categories are:
- Winning Corp identity
- Winning Runner identity
- A Top 4 player
- Worst (non-mini) faction
- Best mini faction and finishing position
- More US or non-US players in the cut
- Winning corp's deck sleeves colour
- A 1-of in either of the winning decks
- Number of beanies worn on stream during the cut
- Bold prediction

We finish with "Turntable", a very fun feature that may never return! Johno has found five songs that share song titles, artist names or even album names with Netrunner cards. Join Chris in an attempt to work out the cards being hinted at. It's Name That Tune... Netrunner style!

We mentioned the Full Immersion podcast at the end of the episode, maybe a good choice for any long flights you have coming up! It's an actual-play RPG story set in the Android universe, and you can check it out here: http://neoreadinggrid.co.uk/fullimmersion/.

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