D.C. #2: Expo Grid

"... tuned to a dead channel."

We are at the UK Games Expo! And with us in Johno's hotel room/studio we have a whole range of guests include 2014 UK National Champion and 2014/2015 world's top 4 player Dave Hoyland, 2015 National Champion Alex White, and the wonderful Chris, Eady and Catherine from Run Last Click (link for anyone who doesn't already listen to Run Last Click - hint: you should). 

We talk expo regional tournament, and then play some games!

For the masochists among you we have 10 minutes of chat about intentional draws with Dave and Alex that didn't make the show. But if you are interested in that sort of thing - you can listen to it here (totally unedited so be prepared).

Show Notes

Click 1/2: Game Day (double) - In which we discuss the expo super regional with Dave and Alex

Johno's Geist
Johno's NEH
Joey's Noise
Joey's NEH
Even Sorgjerd's Hayley (1st)
Even Sorgjerd's NEH (1st)
Dave's Whizzard (3rd)
Alex's Whizzard (6th)
Alex's IG (6th)
Iain Gallagher's Jes (8th)
Live stream footage
Extended intentional draws chat (outcut)
UK Games Expo

Click 3: Artist Colony - Joey, Chris, Eady and Cathy attempt to work out which card's art Johno is describing.

Click 4: Just A Minute - Again with the help of Cathy, Eady and Chris we play the radio 4 classic game "Just a Minute", with a Netrunner twist.

Just a Minute - Radio 4

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