D.C. #20: Wilf-o'-the-Wisp

Chris has returned from the 2017 World Championships, and has tales to tell!

He and Johno break down the predictions from the last episode and see just how correct - or indeed incorrect - we all were.

Thanks once again to Ben "beyoken" Ni, Dave "cerberus" Hoyland, Laurie Poulter, Seamus Macleod, Dave "rotage" Saiya, Alice "shanodin" Rees, Catherine Underwood, Scott "spags" Pagliaroni and Alex "vinegarymink" White, who provided predictions for what would be seen at Worlds.

As a reminder, the categories were:
- Winning Corp identity
- Winning Runner identity
- A Top 4 player
- Worst (non-mini) faction
- Best mini faction and finishing position
- More US or non-US players in the cut
- Winning corp's deck sleeves colour
- A 1-of in either of the winning decks
- Number of beanies worn on stream during the cut
- Bold prediction

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