D.C. #21: Award Bait 2017

Johno and Chris catch up after Christmas for a bumper episode, in which they pick out some talking points from Sovereign Sight, the first pack of the Kitara cycle, and then don their finest suits for a glitzy awards ceremony celebrating the best of 2017.

Mandatory Draw (00:03:00)

Johno and Chris discuss Sovereign Sight which is now out (although not yet on our shores), and pick out some favourite cards.

Sovereign Sight on NetrunnerDB
Asa Group
Calibration Testing
By Any Means
Urban Renewal

Deadies 2017 (00:43:29)

Johno and Chris discuss the best of 2017 across a range of categories. Here are the categories and some of the discussed nominations:

Viewer's note: If you are not a regular on the Stimhack Slack #UK channel, feel free to zone out when we get to the "Best Meme" category. Or better still, join us!

Best Card (Runner)
Bloo Moose *
Aaron Marron

Best Card (Corp)
Friends in High Places *
Estelle Moon
Obokata Protocol
Violet Level Clearance

Most Improved Card (Runner)
Sacrificial Construct *
Information Sifting

Most Improved Card (Corp)
Lakshmi Smartfabrics *
Contract Killer
Tech Startup

Best UK Player
Seamus Macleod *
Laurie Poulter
Sam Burdock

Best Moment
UK Nationals Commentary (Chris)
Only Connectrunner (Johno)

Best Game
UK Nationals Round 4 game vs Catherine Underwood (Chris)
Bournemouth SC Final vs Toby Chippington-Derrick (Johno)

Best Meme
"Who or What is Keegan Lane?"
Game Loss in our Time *
Mining Accident

The Chris Dyer Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement
People who give up their time to run and judge tournaments, especially big ones

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