D.C. #22: Illicit Sails

Avast, me hearties! Captain Johno and his trustworthy first-mate Chris take to the sea amid the changing winds of the MWL. Which bold new directions can we hope to explore? Which depths will never again be seen?

Then, they crack open a treasure chest of a new data pack, Down the White Nile, filled to the top with glimmering riches!

Finally, they reminisce on recent Store Championships, focussing on the Bristol Store Championship at which our two heroes levelled pistols at one another! Hear who walked the plank, and tales of the feared dreadpirate "Hayley" who's been sighted on these seas.


Biased Reporting (00:52:40)

Johno and Chris chat about their performances at recent Store Championships, with a focus on Bristol which they both attended. They skirt over Johno's decks and Chris' corp, all of which were boring, to get straight to Chris' "Pirate Hayley" and dissect it.

Milton Keynes SC on ABR
Bristol SC on ABR
Dark Sphere SC on ABR
Johno's Fishy CTM list
Johno's Seamus Val list
Chris' CI Moons list (actually a very slightly different older version)
Chris' Pirate Hayley list
Deep Data Mining
Grappling Hook
Tech Trader
Laguna Velasco District
Skorpios Defensive Systems: Persuasive Power
Rachel Beckman
Hard-Hitting News

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