D.C. #25: Rotomturret

Whrrrrr! Patrick "RotomAppliance" Gower endured over a long weekend of Netrunner to be crowned European Champion!

And yet, sadly, his success was vastly overshadowed by the announcement by FFG that they would be ending official support for Android: Netrunner. On this sad occasion, Johno and Chris touch on the news that cannot be ignored, then plough on regardless to discuss Kampala Ascendant. Then they move their focus to the European Championships, finishing with the results of our prediction game.

Apocalypse (00:00:40)

Johno and Chris briefly discuss the shocking announcement by Fantasy Flight that the game of Android: Netrunner as we know it will soon be no more.

FFG's official announcement
NISEI, the fan-driven organisation planning to prolong Netrunner

Game Day (00:33:30)

Johno and Chris discuss how they did and the meta in general at the 2018 European Championships, including some of their favourite moments across a fun weekend.

Unorthodox Predictions (00:56:00)

Johno and Chris recap the Unorthodox Predictions game and run through the results. Score along at home!

Winning Corp:
Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth

Winning Runner:
419: Amoral Scammer

Winning deck one-of:

Winning Runner sleeves:

A player that will make the top 4:
Patrick Gower, Dominic Milinski, Chris Dyer, Asger Soerensen

UK vs the World as majority of the cut:
Exactly equal!

Number of non-Omar Rebirths in the cut:
1 - Dave Hoyland into Kim

Worst Faction:

Best Mini Faction (and finishing position):
Adam: Compulsive Hacker (23)

An ID with exactly one player:
(Quite a few)

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