D.C. #26: Emptied Mind

Johno and Chris are waist-deep in Regional season and look over the meta as it exists now after the release of Reign and Reverie and before UK Nats and Magnum Opus. They wrap up with a game of Artist Colony featuring the SanSan and Mumbad cycles.

All-Seeing I (0:01:19)

Johno and Chris go through each faction and discuss where they are in the meta right now. They touch on the new cards each faction got from Reign and Reverie and how that has affected (or not affected) their viability right now.

Reign and Reverie on NetrunnerDB
Asger Soerensen's regional winning Maxx list
Liza Talking Thunder: Prominent Legislator
Akiko Nisei: Head Case
DJ Fenris
Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home

Fly on the Wall
Arella Salvatore
The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated
Too Big to Fail
Lady Liberty
"Recoco CI" list

Artist Colony (0:44:00)

Johno and Chris alternate describing the art on SanSan and Mumbad cycle cards for each other to guess.
"Where are we? Well, we're in India. We're in some kind of temple, outside, maybe in some kind of atrium..."
"We're in cyberspace. Everything is kind of bluey-green. There's a horizon of light in front of us..."
"In cyber space there is only darkness, except for a bright, burning wheel of fire"
"We are in a building, maybe an apartment building. In the foreground is a man in a suit..."
"This card has a woman, very close in on her face. She has hair down one side and cyber tubes in her skull..."
"We are in an underpass maybe. A very disused tunnel with grafitti on the walls. There's an illicit meeting going on..."
"There's a stick with a thing on it, like a pole. There's a snake coiled around it, hissing at you. It's a snake on a pole."
"We are in cyberspace. There is a burst of colours, an explosion of blobs of light blue flying toward you..."
"In India, there is a very nice building. It's monumental, wide, with vaunted arches. We're outside in a plaza in front of it."
"We're in cyberspace. There's a big circle of white light. Behind it are three circles in blue light. Above all of these circles are figures..."
"This looks like a big screen. It has lots of people on it, silhouettes. In front there are people talking about what's on the screen..."
"This is in the real world. There is a building. It's a grand building, lit up at night. In front of it is an elephant on a pedestal..."

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