D.C. #27: Amped Schupp

Congratulations to Joe Schupp! In a field of 400, he rose to the top to be crowned the 2018 World Champion of Netrunner! Johno and Chris - who finished in a particularly impressive second - discuss their holiday to a business park in Minnesota and finish with a new dumb game.

Worlds Plaza (0:00:33)

Johno and Chris reminisce about the goings on at the 2018 Android: Netrunner World Championships at FFG’s Magnum Opus event. They cover King of Servers, the main event, deck decisions and comparisons and the social events that distracted us across the week.

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Full Immersion RPG podcast featuring Alex White, Johno, Chris, Don Bowden and Alice Rees
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Dean Lister (1:03:25)

A new dumb game! Johno and Chris each bring a subtype to the table. Their challenge: to alternately name cards with those subtypes until one of them is forced to give up. This time the subtypes are (click for answers):


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