D.C. #28: Award Bait 2018

We’re dressed to the nines - and at sixes and sevens - to describe the ten-out-of-tens of twenty eighteen. In a series of categories, Johno and Chris name their picks, and reveal the people’s choice, to determine the greatest of the year that was.

Then, amongst the debris, Johno and Chris wind down with a new game(!): Quality Rhyme.

Deadies 2018 (0:00:44)

Well, what a year 2018 was. Highs and lows, and Johno and Chris are here to discuss the best in a series of categories.

The categories and nominations were:

Best Card (2018)
Jinja City Grid
Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved
Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future
Amani Senai
Border Control
Reconstruction Contract
Rashida Jaheem (C, J, P)
NGO Front

Best Card (Runner)
Patchwork (J)
Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist
Crowdfunding (C, P)
419: Amoral Scammer
Diversion of Funds
Logic Bomb

Most Improved Card (Corp)
Seidr Adaptive Barrier (J)
Team Sponsorship
Mumbad City Grid
DNA Tracker
Universal Connectivity Fee
Dedication Ceremony (C, P)
Prisec (P)

Most Improved Card (Runner)
The Archivist
Clan Vengeance (J, P)
Virus Breeding Ground
Grappling Hook (C)
Titanium Ribs
Dorm Computer

Best UK Player
Tim Fowler (J)
Chris Dyer (P)
Alex Borrill (C)
Patrick Gower
Ollie McEnteggart
Andy Lovell

Best Moment
Many moments at Magnum Opus (C)
Commentating on Magnum Opus stream (J)
Making day 2 at Magnum Opus (J)
Eating a pannetone (J)

Best Game
Josh Wilson vs Abram Jopp in Magnum Opus cut (C)
Johno vs Dave Laird, last game of Magnum Opus day 2 (J)
Dave Culemann vs Theo Clifford in Brighton Regional final (J)

Best Meme
Annoyed bird / interrupting crow (J, P)
PAD Campaign for X
Hot Take Tuesday
Quoting Billions
Playing a card for value
”Pirate” decks
Write-in: Link tattoos (C)

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