D.C. #29: Rumour Mill

Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law. Johno and Chris are on the lam in this episode, smuggling stolen goods! That’s right, it’s time for HOT SCOOPS from Nisei’s first cycle, Ashes. And on this illicit occasion, the theme is bad publicity!

Before that, they break down what the NAPD have been up to with their most recent Most Wanted List, and they finish with the return of the game “Dean Lister”, focusing on the more illicit, seedier side of Netrunner.

Daily Business Show (0:00:56)

Johno and Chris discuss the latest changes to the MWL, and spend a little time breaking down what the meta looks like right now.

Nisei’s MWL update article
Reading Store Championship results (ABR)
Jinteki: Potential Unleashed
Border Control
Dorm Computer

Precognition (0:18:01)

Johno and Chris discuss the three new cards they have their hands on! They occasionally meander to discuss what the value of bad publicity really is and what it means to exchange late-game advantage for an advantage right now and when you should do the opposite, and also what even is a “roughneck”.

Game Over (0:18:53)

NBN Operation: Illicit - Gray Ops
Cost: 4 - Influence: 3
Play only if the Runner stole an agenda during their last turn.
Choose a card type. Trash all installed non-icebreaker Runner cards of that type. The Runner may prevent any of those cards from being trashed by paying 3[credit] each. Take 1 bad publicity.

Trebuchet (0:24:57)

Weyland ICE: Sentry - Tracer - Destroyer - Illicit
Rez: 7 - Strength: 6 - Influence: 3
When you rez Trebuchet, take 1 bad publicity.
- Trash 1 installed Runner card.
- Trace 6: If successful, the Runner cannot steal or trash Corp cards for the remainder of this run.

Roughneck Repair Squad (0:32:36)

Weyland Asset
Rez: 0 - Trash: 3 - Influence: 1
[click], [click], [click]: Gain 6[credit]. You may remove 1 bad publicity.

Dean Lister (0:44:03)

In the game of “Dean Lister”, Johno and Chris try to name cards from a specific subtype. In this episode, we feature “Illicit” and “Seedy”!

Illicit cards
Seedy cards

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