D.C. #3: Amped Up

"... tuned to a dead channel."

We apologise for the delay in releasing this episode, technical difficulties plus real life caused minor delays! But finally, episode 3 is here. We once again have some recordings from the UK Board Games Expo in which we talk Liberated mind with the wonderful Alex White and Dave Hoyland, more silly games with the Run Last Click crew, and in between Johno and Joey discuss the deck du jour NEH asset spam, and then get silly with clicks.

We have also updated out Patreon rewards and goals (to include podcast related things - we need new mics!) so do check that out. Most notably we are now offering physical perks such as custom cards and playmats. BIG LINK PLEASE CLICK ME WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Click 1: Mandatory Draw - We chat Liberated Mind with Dave Hoyland and Alex White

Liberated Chela
Turning Wheel
Ravana 1.0
Exchange of Information

Click 2: Harmony Deck-Tech - We dive into detail with NEH asset spam

Asset Spam Decklists:
Joey's Birmingham list (GFI)
Dave Culemann's list (All-Seeing-I)
No Biotic list
Pop-Up Window list

Click 3: Brainstorm - We build a deck suggested by a listener

As requested by local click-obsessive Dave Saiya, we attempt to build a runner deck with the sole objective of getting as many clicks as possible. It got crazy. There are detailed steps in the deck description, which also correct a couple of minor mistakes we made while recording (oops!)

Always Be Clicking (decklist)

"Utter nonsense" - Dave Saiya, Dyper Innovator

Click 4: Sinister Bottom

More recording from the Expo and once again we are joined by the wonderful Run Last Click peeps. We play another silly game. 

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