D.C. #4: Quality Time

Epsiode 4 is here! Firstly, we accidentally chatted for ages, like twice as long as usual. Sorry. We will try and keep it shorter in the future. Buy we aren't making any promises. We are a slave to the creative process and whatever chaff comes out of our mouths when the mics are on. 

Secondly, this was recorded before all the new updates (FAQ/Tournament etc), and so please excuse all the talk of NEH dominance and how great Wyldside is.

So join us for a look at Fear the Masses, a Game Day with a difference as we swap runner decks for a GNK, a lengthy discussion of alternate tournament structures (teams anyone?) and our attempts to up-sell the Sysops!

Finally make sure to check out the UK branch of the ANRPC, known as BABW. Satellite tournaments start up soon (including in Reading in September) with a chance to play in the finals and win a trip to Worlds!

Click 1 - Mandatory Draw

This time we mandy into Fear the Masses as Johno and Joey pick their favourite 2 cards as well as a couple of honourable mentions.

Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star
Navi Mumbai City Grid
(Voter Intimidation)

Click 2 - Decoy

It's a Game Day with a difference! Joey and Johno swap their signature runner decks and play a GNK.

Joey's Noise (played by Johno)
Johno's Geist (played by Joey)

Joey's Surat Brain Taping Combo
Johno's Spiky Biotech

Click 3 - Restructure

We chat about some of the other options for a Netrunner tournament. Notably all the options that are available for team formats.

Jank Tournament on NRG (Guy vs Gerry)
Jank Tournament on NRG (Jack vs Ollie)

Click 4 - Sales Team

We are playing sales team again, on the agenda this time - Sysops!

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