D.C. #5: Apocalypse

Episode 5 is here and hasn't a lot happened! We start off by talking at length about all the new updates to tourney rules and FAQ. We then lighten the mood a little with a brainstorm and our very first off-topic segment - yes that's right, we talk about something other than Netrunner!

Click 1+2 - Apocalypse

It is the end of days! We talk about the new updates to both the FAQ and Tournament Rules.

New FAQ (pdf)
New Tournament Rules (pdf)

AstroScript Pilot Program
Museum of History

Mumba Temple
Breaking News

TWA interview with Damon over the changes

Click 3 - Brainstorm

We attempt to build a deck from an idea given by a listener. This time, we're all about the brain damage!


Click 4 - Chatterjee University

Our first off topic segment! We dangerously venture away from Netrunner for our first Chatterjee University. This time we are talking Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go (official website)

Vaporeon in central park (vid)
Porygon causes problems in Sydney (vid)
More users than twitter (article)
Pokemon hunting in the holocaust museum (article)
"Pokemon Go" surpasses "porn" on google searches (article)

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