D.C. #6: Game Day

Welcome to episode 6! Nationals is fast approaching and what better way to prepare than our local 87 player regional!? And it's all change with a brand new meta (don't be fooled by seeing NEH and Whiz at the top!). We also talk some 23 Seconds and play a game of Film Critic.

In other very exciting news we got new microphones as well as loads of other kit so thank you so much to our Patreon supporters (some of whom are named here) for making that possible, this really is all thanks to you. 

Click 1 - Mandatory Draw - 00:03:25

The Flashpoint cycle is upon us! We chat a few of our picks from 23 Seconds.

23 Seconds on FFG website
23 Seconds on NRDB

Deuces Wild
Hard-Hitting News
NBN: Controlling the Message

Proof Johno Played Noise at the 2013 UK Nationals! (see first comment)

Click 2+3 - Game Day - 00:26:54

It's our home regional! We talk running a large tournament and what this brand new meta looks like, plus some speculation on what to expect at Nationals. 

Results on Acoo
Eclectic Games
New Tourney Rules
NeoReading Grid on Twitch
NeoReading Grid on YouTube
The Heap (NeoReading Grid YouTube unused footage)
Laurie Points
Random Packet Loss YouTube (Ciaran Maxey)
Bewnt YouTube (Ben Ni)

Click 4 - Film Critic - 01:02:42

Once again we are playing a game and it's the return of Film Critic, we try and guess cards from their reviews. 

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Mumbad City Grid
Dedicated Response Team

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