D.C. #7: Angel Arena

It's the biggest event in the UK Netrunner calendar - Nationals is here! And its a whole weekend event dedicated to FFG nationals run by Esdevium Games. Johno and Joey are there for 4 days and record a little diary each night, now played out before you in podcast format. Check the show notes for info, pictures from the weekend, decklists and final standings from what was an epic weekend!

Our new equipment had its first real outing as well this weekend so big shout out to our patreons for making that possible! Some of those patreons also got to use their new Dead Channel playmats for the first time, so big thank you to Patriot Games for sorting those out for us and to Jennifer Maghzal Designs for doing the graphics.

Click 1 - Thursday - 00:01:51

It's day 1 and we chat arriving in Birmingham, our prep for the weekend and some pubrunner that Johno found particularly useful. 

Click 2 - Friday - 00:20:20

It's day 2 and we are joined by Chris Dyer, we chat about the President of Servers team event (run by Alex White and Andrew Hynes), how Chris prepared for nationals, and our expectations for Saturday.

Click 3 - Saturday - 00:26:34

It's day 3 and it's on. We talk UK nationals swiss as well as running the stream!

Click 4 - Sunday - 00:59:47

It's day 4 and nationals is over! We talk about the cut, streaming and an interview with our new champion Vikash Sharma (01:09:23).

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