D.C. #8: Hard At Work

Joey's started a very time-consuming new job, so sadly this time we're Hard at Work and a click short. But! There's still plenty of #content within as we discuss Blood Money, some recent tournaments that Johno attended and get in touch with our inner artists.

Click 1 - Mandatory Draw - 00:04:34

We chat Blood Money and the four cards we think most worthy of discussion.

Blood Money on NRDB

Rumor Mill
Temujin Contract

Click 2 - Game Day - 00:36:39

Johno's been busy in the last week! He qualified for the 4-person UK Stimhack League Finals and did... well. Then he ran/played in/streamed/everythinged the Reading BABW Qualifier, and finished by attending the London BABW Qualifier, which took place the very next day. We also explain The Bell by popular demand.

Johno's Russian NEH
Johno's Andromeda
Stimhack slack details (including invite link) - Once you've signed up, join the #uk channel and say "hello"!
UK SHL Finals stream (on Ben Ni's Youtube channel)
BABW.net - details about the whole series
BABW Reading Qualifier standings
BABW London Qualifier standings
NeoReading Grid Twitch with BABW streams (for now)
Female/Non-Binary BABW Qualifier

Click 3 - Artist Colony - 01:03:33

Using only descriptions of the art, we try to guess random cards!

Drug Dealer

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