D.C. #9: Hyperdriver

Johno's getting hyped for Worlds! The boys convene to chat about Escalation and the thrilling cards therein, discuss Johno's prep (or lack of it) for Worlds, flail hopelessly in trying to build a deck on the spot, and then finish with a quick game.

Click 1 - Mandatory Draw - 00:02:03

Escalation is here! And if you like code gates, or breaking code gates (also over-the-top murder) have we got a pack for you! We pick out some choice cards and break them down.

Fairchild 3.0
DNA Tracker
Black Orchestra
Net Mercur

Click 2 - Planned Assault - 00:33:46

Joey interrogates Johno on his preparation for Worlds, which has seen a few tournaments - both online and in real life - and some internal fretting about which decks to play.

FFG World Championships
King of Servers team event

Click 3 - Brainstorm - 00:46:13

After a request from listener James M, Johno and Joey attempt to build a glacier NBN deck based on Full Immersion RecStudio. They spends ages building a variety of terrible decks (don't worry, we cut most of that out!), and then have a late change of heart and quickly build a surprisingly viable deck.

Full Immersion RecStudio
New Angeles Sol
Eliza's Toybox
The final decklist
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